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Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay on Lake Champlain:

Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay

Dock Charts

All links from this page contain e-mail addresses; therefore, they are password protected. You will need the following information to access them:

aerial view of marina

dock 1Dock 1
dock 2Dock 2
dock 3Dock 3
dock 4Dock 4
dock 5Dock 5
All 5 DocksAll 5 docks (single view)


blue dot E-mail docks for dock space assignments and overnight reservations
red dot E-mail webmaster to add your name and e-mail link to one of the dock charts

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"I boat; therefore, I am"
Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay; 25 Klein Way, Willsboro, NY 12996, USA
Phone (518) 963-7276     44º 24' 15" N     73º 23' 40" W
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