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Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay on Lake Champlain:


Wire Transfer

Please contact us before sending a wire transfer since we will have new bank accounts soon as a Safe Harbor Marina. The bank account at TIAA Bank for the former Willsboro Bay Marina, Inc is no longer open.

Post-dated Cheques

Post-dated cheques are not an appropriate method of payment. Rather than using a post-dated cheque simply wait until you are prepared to write a current-dated cheque and only then hand deliver or mail it to the marina. Post-dated cheques are not always recognized as post-dated and may be deposited upon receipt, potentially resulting in substantial deposited item returned fees for the marina which will be billed to the client in addition to fees that may be charged directly by the client's bank. We reserve the right to deposit all cheques upon receipt without regard for date written on the cheque.

Banking Rules for Cheques Drawn on Canadian Banks

If a cheque is drawn on a Canadian bank US or United States must be written in as part of the amount shown in words unless it is pre-printed on the cheque by the bank. The proper location is indicated in red on the example shown here. The cheque will not be accepted by our bank unless US or United States is written in the proper place on the cheque. (US or United States does not need to be written in the color red).

Fuel Dock

The fuel and pump-out dock is a credit card only facility. Cash is no longer accepted for fuel or pump-outs. We do not offer "in-house" charge privileges at the fuel dock; you may not charge fuel to your marina account. MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards are the only payment methods accepted at the fuel and pump-out dock. Please plan accordingly.

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