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Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay - Privacy Policy & Legal Terms

Internet Services

Web sites including ours typically collect and record visitors' data including IP address, operating system, browser version, screen resolution and colors, and referring URL and may use cookies. We do not attempt to link any of this data to personally identifiable information. hosts our web site and their privacy policy, which also applies to all visitors to our web site, may be viewed at

Our e-mailing list service is currently provided by Google Groups and their privacy policy, which also applies to all e-mailing list members, may be viewed at The previous version of our e-mailing list service is provided by and subject to their privacy policy.

The marina's e-mail services are provided by Google Apps and Gmail and their privacy policies, which apply to all e-mail sent to and from the marina, may be viewed from

External Links

We provide many external links on our site including but not limited to links to sources of additional information, web sites of manufacturers of merchandise that we sell, general boating information, regional interest information, computer information, weather, and advertisements from companies whose goods and services may be of interest to you. When you follow one of these links you are leaving the Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay web site. Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay is not responsible for the content of linked sites. We recommend that you read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use of each site that you visit.

Sharing of Contact Information With Other Marina Boaters

Frequently boaters who dock or store their boats at the marina may request contact information of other marina members, typically to continue friendships made at the marina or to invite other boaters to special events. We encourage all members to formally register their preference as to whether or not we should disclose this information. If a request for information is made and the member in question has not formally registered his/her preferences, we will use our discretion in deciding whether to disclose or withhold the requested information.


We reserve the right to send billing and other important information to you while you own a boat or any other property at the marina or carry an unpaid balance on your account. We also reserve the right to use outside service providers including attorneys and collection agencies to assist with the collection of past due accounts including the furnishing of your contact information to these providers. Other than that, you may opt-out of any or all communication from us at any time and may request removal of your contact information from our databases. We provide unsubscribe links on most e-mailing list messages and you may unsubscribe from them at any time. Opt-out or removal requests may be e-mailed to us or may be sent by postal mail.


We will not sell, rent, or lend our e-mailing or customer lists outside of Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay and the Boats R Fun boat dealership and yacht brokerage that is located at Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay. Boats R Fun has pledged to follow the Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay privacy policy with respect to e-mail addresses and other customer contact information acquired from or through Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay. Other than as detailed above, we will not disclose your e-mail address or other contact information without your consent or a government order, unless needed to provide goods or services that you have ordered. For example, if you leave your sails with us for pickup by Doyle Sailmakers, we may provide your contact information to Doyle Sailmakers or if you have requested that your boat be shrinkwrapped for winter storage, we may provide your contact information to Bryant Laferriere Shrinkwrap, an independent contractor that is doing all of the shrinkwrapping work at the marina.

Under Construction

Under Construction You won't see this notice anywhere else on our site, but this page is truly under construction and your comments, questions and suggestions regarding privacy and this page will be greatly appreciated. Please send them to the webmaster

Terms and Conditions Regulating E-mail Collection

In short, the harvesting, collection, sale, or any other use of e-mail addresses contained in this site that results in the sending of bulk unsolicited commercial e-mail and/or SPAM to these addresses is strictly prohibited and the privacy and opt-out privileges described above do not apply to any site visitors violating this prohibition. The full text of terms and conditions regarding e-mail address collections is located at ©

Legal Notice

gavel This document is a statement of our policies, principles and intentions. The marina crew will endeavor to comply with its provisions but this document must not be construed as legally binding upon the marina.

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