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Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay on Lake Champlain:

Rhumb Line - October 2019 Update

News From Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay

On October 15, 2019 Willsboro Bay Marina became part of the Safe Harbor family and network of marinas

All of the marina management and crew that you've come to know, some of us for over 30 years, will remain at the marina in our current roles for the foreseeable future.

We are excited by the additional resources, support and improvements that a strong parent company with a network of nearly 90 marinas can provide to Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay. Safe Harbor Marinas shares our goal of keeping Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay one of the finest marinas on Lake Champlain.

Thank you for your years of friendship and patronage. Willsboro Bay Marina has been and will continue to be one of the most special marinas on Lake Champlain, due largely to our family of home fleet members. We look forward to continuing this new chapter of our marina life with you.

We welcome the members and staff of Safe Harbor Gaines to the Safe Harbor family and network of marinas; Gaines Marina and Willsboro Bay Marina both became Safe Harbor Marinas on October 15, 2019.

We also welcome the members and staff of Safe Harbor Shelburne Shipyard just across the lake to the Safe Harbor family and network of marinas; Shelburne Shipyard became a Safe Harbor Marina on October 29, 2019.

Rhumb Line - August 2019

News From Willsboro Bay Marina

Important Mid-Summer Mailing

Although there are several weeks of fine boating left, it's time to begin planning for our fall haul-out season. It's also time to reserve your dock space for next summer, too. We've posted the following documents online in PDF (Adobe Reader) format for you to review: Completed forms may be emailed to us.

Store Charge Accounts Closing for the Season on August 25

To enable accounting, inventory management and point of sale improvements planned for September and October we will close and bill out all store charge accounts for the season on August 25. We will not be offering store charge accounts after August 25 this season. We request your cooperation in settling your store account at your earliest convenience and in planning ahead to use cash, check or credit card at the time of purchase at our store after August 25. We plan to have a better point of sale system with new options and features before the next boating season.

Scheduling Request

We request your assistance in promptly scheduling your haul-out; please contact us by September 3, 2019 to select your haul-out date. This does not mean that your boat must be hauled by September 3; rather, it means that you need to contact us by September 3 to select a haul-out date which can be anytime through October 14 (dockage clients) or October 4 (winter-only clients). We also haul in August for those who are interested.

Help Us Help The Environment

2020 Dockage Reservation Fee Reminder

We do not send individual bills for the dockage reservation fee to reserve your slip for next summer; please send your dockage reservation fee of $900 (or $930 including convenience fee if paid by credit card) by October 1, 2019 to reserve your slip. An invoice for the reservation fee is included in the internet version of the "Fall Letter" that is available above. The payment should be made by cash or check if you want to receive the $3 per foot cash discount on next year's dockage. Please see this important notice about payment cheques drawn on Canadian banks. Cancellation & Refund Policy: Dockage reservation fees and other dockage payments for 2020 are not refundable and may not be applied to storage charges, other marina services or to a subsequent year’s dockage. However, the dock space may be transferred to the new owner upon sale of a boat provided the new owner accepts our customer agreement. The dock space may also be transferred to a different boat owned by the same client but only if a suitable space is available; incremental additional charges will be due for a larger boat.

Automobiles, Dinghies, Trailers, Portable Fuel Tanks and Other Equipment

All automobiles, dinghies, trailers, dock boxes, fuel tanks and other equipment on our property must be labeled with your full name or customer number (which is not your dock space number). We provide free parking permit decals for your automobiles with your customer number. We also provide stickers with your customer number for your other equipment for a nominal fee. We reserve the right to remove or dispose of any unidentified property or equipment at any time without further notice.

We provide a shared seasonal storage facility for temporary storage (up to 10 months) of non-hazardous boating equipment. There is no charge for use of this facility. It is uninsured and storage is at your own risk. Outboard motors, batteries, fuel tanks, propane tanks, other flammable items, and items regulated by law (such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication) may not be stored in this facility. We do not recommend storing sails, cushions, or other fabric items in this facility. Please label your equipment with your name (or customer number) along with the date placed in storage. Be considerate of other marina members and remove items that remain unused after 10 months. We reserve the right to dispose of unidentified equipment at any time and to dispose of labeled equipment after 10 months of storage without further notice.

Mailing List

We only print and mail 1 or 2 issues of the Rhumb Line each year, additional updates are sent by e-mail only. Please join our marina news e-mailing list; you'll promptly receive all future Rhumb Line issues and other marina news and notices by e-mail. Once you've joined the e-mailing list, received the confirmation e-mail and activated your subscription, please drop us a note or e-mail to let us know that you no longer need the Rhumb Line sent to you by postal mail.

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